Please meet the friendly staff of St. John's...

Mr Barrow

Mrs M Baker

Mrs Eastham

Ms Kelly

Miss S Taylor

Mrs Fenner

Miss Kerry

Mrs Powell

Mrs Crowe

Mrs Elliott

Miss H Edmunds

Mrs R Taylor

Miss Cossins

Mrs Kettle

Miss Smyth

Mrs Bryans

Miss Tonge

Mrs Snow

Miss K Baker

Mrs Bramwell

Mrs Tennant

Miss Harrison

Miss J Taylor

Mrs Stern

Mr Sharp

Miss Cooke

Miss Eggleton

Mr Lee

Mrs Nicholds

Mrs Thompson

Ms Whitehouse

Miss Bull

Mrs Kirk

Mrs McPherson

Mrs Pollard

Mrs Weir

Mrs Morris

Mrs Jones

Mrs Bye

Mrs H Edmunds

Mrs Gardiner

Mrs Gibbins

Mrs Hadfield

Mrs Harris

Mrs Merry

Mrs Metcalfe

Miss Smith

Mrs Solloway

Mrs S Taylor

Mrs Pryke

Mrs Salmon

Mr Russell

Mrs English

Mrs Margetts

Mr Serrano-Fernandez
Mr Wright

Mrs Neale

Mrs Wrather

School Staff

Name Title/Responsibility
Darren Barrow Head Teacher, Strategic Lead, Health and Safety, Safeguarding Lead
Mary Baker Deputy Head Teacher, Assessment Leader, Curriculum Leader
Andrea Eastham SENDCO, Senior Leadership
June Kelly Teacher
Sarah Taylor Teaching Assistant
Rebecca Fenner Teacher, Early Years Key Stage Leader
Madeline Kerry Teacher
Jane Powell Teaching Assistant
Paula Crowe Teaching Assistant
Gail Elliott Teaching Assistant (Child Specific)
Helen Edmunds Teaching Assistant (Child Specific), Midday Supervisor
Rosalie Taylor Teaching Assistant (Child Specific)
Emily Cossins Teacher
Sandra Kettle Teaching Assistant
Niamh Smyth Teacher
Penelope Bryans Teaching Assistant
Lydia Tonge Teacher, Key Stage Leader
Rosslyn Snow Teaching Assistant (Child Specific), Midday Supervisor
Kirsty Baker Teacher
Natalie Bramwell Teaching Assistant
Claire Tennant Teacher, Key Stage Leader
Katie Harrison Teaching Assistant
Jen Taylor Teacher
Rebekah Stern Teaching Assistant
Duncan Sharp Teacher
Emily Cooke Teacher
Leah Eggleton Teacher, English Leader
Adam Lee Teacher, Maths Leader
Lynne Nicholds Teaching Assistant
Jo Thompson Teaching Assistant
Nikki Whitehouse Teaching Assistant
Sarah Bull Teaching Assistant, Nurture
Helen Kirk PPA Teacher
Liz McPherson PPA Teacher
Sue Pollard PPA Teacher
Cathy Weir School Business Manager
Lucy Morris Office Manager
Lindsey Jones Admin Assistant
Natalie Bye Midday Supervisor
Hannah Edmunds Midday Supervisor
Kim Gardiner Midday Supervisor
Ruth Gibbins Midday Supervisor, Nurture
Carla Hadfield Midday Supervisor
Angela Harris Midday Supervisor, Out of School Club
Janet Merry Midday Supervisor, Out of School Club
Ashleigh Metcalfe Midday Supervisor
Melissa Smith Midday Supervisor
Carol Solloway Midday Supervisor
Sarah Taylor Midday Supervisor
Sharon Pryke Out of School Club
Angela Salmon Out of School Club
Tanya Webber Out of School Club
James Russell Caretaker
Maggie English Cleaner
Suzanne Margetts Cleaner
Antonio Serrano-Fernandez Cleaner
Robert Wright Cleaner
Helen Neale Cook in Charge
Annie Edkins Kitchen
Sylvie Wrather Kitchen