Our Nursery has very close links with the Children’s Centre 'Ready Rangers' two year old Nursery. This facility was judged as good in October 2016

Ready Rangers can take children in the term after the child’s second birthday, in line with St John’s Nursery which takes children in the term after their third birthday.

Before Ready Rangers children start at St John’s, the practitioners bring the children over for transition sessions in the weeks before the children are due to start. This is often done on a one-to-one basis or with the children in pairs. The children are then gradually exposed to the Nursery setting and are ready to join us in September, January or April.

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Prior to the children starting Nursery, when the children are three years old, the practitioners like to undertake a home visit to find out useful information about needs, interests, likes, dislikes and personalities! The children then have a carefully managed small group induction to ensure they are fully prepared and ready to start.

This process is similar when the children leave Nursery and begin their Primary Education in Reception. There are Stay and Play sessions, carefully managed induction and parent information evening. All designed to reassure parents, carers and children that they will be very well taken care of.