Non-Class Based Teachers

For 2017/18 we are very lucky to continue to have additional non-class based teachers to further enhance our provision and ensure that we go all the way to meet our three school aims of:

  • That all our children are safe in our care.
  • That all of our children are happy.
  • That all of our children achieve their best, whatever their starting point.

Mrs Baker, our Deputy Head Teacher works four days per week and she is providing specific, targeted support to groups of children throughout the school. Alongside this she is leading by example by providing high quality teacher cover in Reception. Mrs Baker also oversees the Teaching Assistants, students and placements in our school. She also leads on Assessment and the curriculum.

Mrs Eastham, our SENDCo works three3 days per week and she is also providing specific support to groups of children. We are extremely lucky that Mrs Eastham has overseen all the provision maps for each year group, produced learning profiles for all children on the SEND register and also liaises with specialist support provision to our school.

Mrs Pollard provides Year 2 and Year 3 Teachers with their planning, preparation and assessment time. She is very passionate about music, RE and organising the school’s resources.

Mrs Kirk provides Year 1 and 4 staff with their planning time and although she only usually works 1 day per week, she quite often does more!

Specialist support to the school comes from:

  • Mrs Claire Hurley from the Early Intervention Service. She works under the guidance of Mrs Eastham supporting children in a range of year groups.
  • Dr Sarah Green is our assigned Educational Psychologist. She provides support and training to staff as well as undertaking assessments on children.
  • Mrs Jackie Knight is our school counsellor and provides valuable support to a range of children.
  • Mrs Rebecca Wallis-Baldwin is our Family Support Worker.