Improvement Plan

Aiming High; Proud to learn together, will always be the underlying principle behind St. John’s Primary School and Nursery.

We passionately believe that every child in our care has the right to achieve their full potential. We will always be aspirational for our children. This is reflected in our Improvement Plan as we embark on our journey from GOOD towards OUTSTANDING

Our priorities:

Priority: this year, next year and every year will be to ensure that the school plays its part in safeguarding children and promoting their welfare. We know that promoting children’s well-being plays an important part in helping them to unlock their full potential. We will ensure our outstanding grade for behaviour and safety is maintained by continuing to be vigilant in keeping children safe and in setting clear and consistent expectations of behaviour.

Priority: Achievement for All. We know that in order to work towards outstanding over the next 12-24 months our children will have to make at least good progress. We are currently introducing our new assessment principles. Numerical data targets have been set with the aim of achieving at least 10% above national averages based on 2014 unvalidated data.

Priority: Curriculum Inspiration. This is designed to further equip our children with the necessary skills for life in 21st Century Britain. The aim of our curriculum is to inspire and motivate children to do their best.

Priority: Growing Leadership at all Levels. A clear focus remains on teachers being leaders of learning in the classroom. Subject Leaders are further developed to take responsibility for curriculum areas other than English and Maths. Children will also become an integral part of the monitoring system in the Junior Leadership Team. Staff well-being also underlines this strand.

Priority: Quality First Teaching. The Headteacher, supported by Senior Leadership, are resolute that all children deserve nothing less than good teaching. This strand will ensure this continues to be a high priority. The Head and Deputy will work in partnership, leading from the front, to ensure that this always continues to be the case at St John’s.

Our Learning Improvement Plan can be read below:

Improvement Plan
Learning Improvement Plan - 2016/17 (pdf)