Mr Molyneux, our Chair of Governors.

Role of the Governing Body

At St. John’s Primary School and Nursery the Governing Board compliments and enhances school leadership by providing support and challenge. This relationship is generally known as 'the critical friend'.

The first priority of the Governing Board is to ensure that the school fulfils its role in safeguarding children and promoting their welfare.

The other core functions of the Governing Board are:

  • Ensuring that the vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school are clearly defined;
  • Ensuring that the head teacher performs his or her responsibilities for the educational performance of the school;
  • Ensuring the sound, proper and effective use of the school’s financial resources.

For more information about the roles and responsibilities of the Governing Board, please refer to the Governance Handbook (external link).

What does being a Governor involve?

Being a governor is an entirely voluntary, but rewarding, role. Training is provided by the local authority and lots of friendly support is given to new governors. The Governing Board at St. John’s is made up of thirteen governors:

  • Two parent governors, elected by the parents and carers of pupils at the school;
  • One staff governor, elected by the staff employed by the school;
  • One Local Authority governor, appointed by Warwickshire County Council;
  • The Head Teacher;
  • Eight co-opted governors, appointed by the governing body based on the skills and experience they can offer.

Governors are expected to attend meetings of the full Governing Board twice per term. We also have two main subcommittees:

  • Performance and Standards – this committee consists of seven governors including the Head Teacher and is chaired by Mrs Patrica Coopey. The Performance and Standards Committee monitors teaching quality and pupil progress across the school;
  • Resources – this committee is made up of seven governors including the Head Teacher and is chaired by Mr Daryl Molyneux. The Resources Committee monitors the school’s finances and health and safety.

Typically these committees meet once or twice per term, and governors choose which of these to volunteer for.

In addition, governors support the Senior Leadership Team and participate in the school’s monitoring activities. These typically involve diagnostic days where Senior Leaders look in depth at teaching, interview pupils and review progress and learning in books. Pupil progress meetings are another monitoring activity where teachers inform senior leaders about the progress their class are making in reading, writing and maths. These formal meetings look at where children are in accordance with their age related expectations. Any children not reaching their potential are identified and support and/or challenge is put in place. Governors record their monitoring on forms which are linked to the school’s learning improvement plan priorities.

How to contact the Governors

Our Chair of the Governors, can be reached on this email address.

Alternatively, messages or letters can be left for the governors at the school office.

Who are the Governors?

The current governors at St. John’s Primary School and Nursery, together with any governor who has left during the last year, are listed below. Read more about individual governors in their profiles, below.

Name Type of Governor
Mr Daryl Molyneux Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor
Mrs Patricia Coopey Vice Chair of Governors, Co-opted Governor
Mrs Rebecca Augustus Co-opted Governor
Mrs Beth Cordrey Co-opted Governor
Ms Ruth Cooper Parent Governor
Mr Richard Owen Parent Governor
Mr Darren Barrow Head Teacher
Mrs Katie Harrison Staff Governor
(vacancy x 3) Co-opted Governor
(vacancy) Local Authority Governor
Mrs Margot Brown Clerk to the Governors

For more information, see:

Governor Profiles

Mrs Rebecca Augustus

Mrs Rebecca Augustus

Why did you want to become a Governor?
I wanted to become a governor as I felt I might have some skills to offer which might be useful to the school. My children have benefitted enormously from the Children's Centre, Nursery and now Reception and I'm delighted to be able to give something back to an organisation which has been so positive for my family.

What is your association with St. John's?
I'm associated with St John's as a parent of two children who use the services it has to offer.

Whatis your 'day job'?
My day job is a 'Lead Practitioner for Safeguarding Adults'. Essentially, I'm a social worker for Warwickshire County Council. I specialise in working with vulnerable members of the community who are experiencing abuse or neglect. I have 18 years’ experience as a social worker and now take on managerial responsibilities for the day to day running of my team.

Mrs Patricia Coopey

Trisha Coopey

Why did you want to become a Governor?
I am very interested in education and children's development because effective education is essential for a successful society. I have known of St John's through friends for many years and eagerly accepted the invitation to join the school’s governing body.

Whatis your 'day job'?
I am now retired, but until 2012 I worked for the Local Government Ombudsman investigating complaints about councils.

Mrs Beth Cordrey

Mrs Beth Cordrey

Why did you want to become a Governor?
St John's is a fantastic school which provides a nurturing, caring environment for pupils. Being a governor provides me with the opportunity to contribute to the school's ongoing development and success.

What is your association with St. John's?
My eldest child attends St John's.

Whatis your 'day job'?
I am an Occupational Therapist.

Miss Katie Harrison

Mrs Katie Harrison

Why did you want to become a Governor?
I wanted to become more involved in the school community and to be a voice for my colleagues.

What is your association with St. John's?
I work as a Teaching Assistant at St John’s and I organise the sporting events within school.

What other aspects of the local community are you involved with?
I am a volunteer dog walker at the Dogs Trust in Kenilworth. I am also a member of Warwick Community Band.

Mr Daryl Molyneux

Mr Daryl Molyneux

Why did you want to become a Governor?
I wanted to broaden my experience of management accounting and felt that my financial knowledge would be useful to a school as they seek to balance budgets against delivery in these cash constrained times. I want to get involved in activities that bring benefit to the local community and work to ensure strong links between a school and its community. Being a parent I am interested in education and helping every child reach their potential - be it academic, vocational or sporting.

What other aspects of the local community are you involved with?
I am an occasional parent helper with the 4th Kenilworth Cubs and I am Secretary to the Parents' Association at my son’s school.

Whatis your 'day job'?
I am a Chartered Management Accountant working for the Department for Work and Pensions.

Meeting Minutes


Minutes are in pdf format.