Event - Harvest Festival

4 October 2013

Harvest Festival is celebrated each year at St. John's. We combine this traditional festival with helping a worthwhile cause. This year it was the Kenilworth Foodbank.

Each class practised a little piece that was linked together with singing, commentary and prayers.

  • Reception sang the Dingle Dangle Scarecrow.
  • Year 1 told the tale of the Enormous Turnip.
  • Year 2 told the story of Pumpkin Soup.
  • 3/4ED made an anagram within a Harvest poem.
  • 3/4T wrote special Harvest Prayers.
  • Year 5 wrote an acrostic Harvest poem.
  • Year 6 considered how many food miles went into making our favourite pizza.

The singing always sounds lovely in the Church and we would like to thank Beks Rothnie at St. John's Church for making us feel so welcome.

The photos below give you a taste of our Harvest celebrations.