Event - Diwali Theme Day

4 November 2013

The school celebrated Diwali on Monday 4th November. It was a chance for us all to look at how another faith celebrates a significant celebration in their calendar.

We were all vertically grouped; some children from each class were in each group. The older children were fantastic at looking after the younger children. The day then comprised of a carousel of activities including drama, dance, writing and art.

Everyone enjoyed the day and it was a lovely start to our new term. Please come and look at our Diwali display outside the main office.

We started the day with an assembly.
Weighing the ingredients for Diwali sweets.

Moulding the clay for diva lamps.
Designing our rangoli patterns.

Adding details to the divas.
These sweets look delicious!

Dramatic tension as the climax of Rama and Sita is upon us!
Hanging lanterns for the Festival of Lights.

Real-life henna patterns on our hands.