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Mrs Linda Rea
15 Dec 2016

Hi. My granddaughter summer attends your school. I had the pleasure of attending the Christmas performance yesterday. May I give a big well done and congratulations to all of the staff and pupils involved. I loved the story, singing, and the jokes. Looking forward to next year's. Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.

Rating: Excellent

16 Jul 2015

Lovely website and school.

Rating: Excellent

Averil Stewart
16 Jun 2015

Love the website, its cheerful, interesting and engaging. The details have also gone down well with my little boy who is now excited to start in September.

Rating: Excellent

Sherri Tenpenny
23 Oct 2014

Fantastic website. Bright and colourful which is what you want to see when opening a website. Very easy to use and a great help having the newsletters, term dates etc on here. Lovely to see pictures of the children during activities and special events.

Rating: Excellent

Megan Hunt
19 May 2014

I think that this website is brilliant. it has lots of categories to choose from and colourful so people want to read and look at more.

Rating: Excellent

Annabel Scott-Jones
17 May 2014

Lovely website, easy to navigate. Really helpful.

Rating: Excellent

02 May 2014

Great website very easy to use and easy to find information, having the letters on there is a great help too.

Rating: Excellent

Sue Margetts
04 Feb 2014

The new website is great very eye catching and informative. We shall be using the website regularly. Thank you.

Rating: Excellent

Anita Devi
19 Jan 2014

Your website clearly reflects the ethos of the school. I particularly like the vibrant colours and joy-filled design. The focus on core values underpinning the school's approach and aspirations is also a distinctive feature. As other visitors have commented: it is user friendly and welcoming. Thank you.

Rating: Excellent

28 Nov 2013

Fab new website! Easy to find lots of really useful information. Great design and provides a good insight into the school.

Rating: Excellent

Charlotte Morris
13 Nov 2013

Well done love the new website nice and bright with all the info needed.

Rating: Excellent

Shelly Bonser
11 Nov 2013

Great new website - easy to find everything I needed.

Rating: Excellent

Rachael Watkins
05 Nov 2013

Lovely website, set out really well.

Rating: Excellent

Mrs Lucie Harris
04 Nov 2013

Congratulations St John's Primary School on the launch of your new website. I think it looks colourful, informative and engaging. I'll be back to use it again soon! Thank you.

Rating: Excellent

Hannah Edmunds
04 Nov 2013

Wonderful new website very colourful and informative.

Rating: Excellent